Can we Design our
Own Logo?

Okay! So, Let’s assume that my reader is a Designer, who is very Talented (Offcourse you are) and working hard in making a logo for herself or himself but every time they try they end up in getting confused or leaving a file unattended & thinks kya karun bhai, logo shuru kiya hai par khatam he ni hota ( Started a logo a few days back & never gets time to finish it). Don’t worry I have a solution for it. Keep Reading ?

Photo by Josefa nDiaz

So, You’re a Designer & whatever you design adds up in your Portfolio. So, when your clients visit your website or an online/ offline portfolio pdf to check out your work, they will automatically assume that you’re the man behind your logo.

Basically, this is what another person thinks while watching your work. Right?

I can feel you, Bro. I understand you don’t feel satisfied while Designing a logo for Yourself…

Everything written above makes sense now. Unless you are not feeling or getting time to finish your own logo.

It’s not like that you are not working on your own creative work. You are always working or trying, refining it, making it better but no matter how much you work, you are still not happy with the result. It actually never feels finished or showing it to the world.

Every Designer, Photographer or any other artist in a World try once to make their own logo but ends up either deleting a file or keeping an open file unattended.

What actually happens is you are a designer, you keep on searching good things on the Internet for your Clients & then in between all this you save ‘A LOT’ of pictures or references to implement on your own logo but then either you don’t get time to implement that step or you end up in getting confused.

I’m sure you must have noticed this, it is always easy to design for others, for your clients but not so easy to design for yourself. For some reason, this happens but I never got a proper & accurate answer for this, If you know then comment down below.

Best Few Options for Getting your Work Done

I have actually three options, points or suggestions that you can follow to get your Job done or at least easier then getting confused or leaving your .ai or .psd file unattended.

  • Just Finish it in a one go. Decide a date that you will sit & work on your own logo. Start it, search references, just like you do, when you work for your Client & finish it before the end of the day or in a week.
  • Okay! So, this will be a little off Beat but will do the justice to the points & can help. HIRE A DESIGNER TO DESIGN A LOGO FOR A DESIGNER, this can obviously help you + what’s the harm in being a Client for a week at least you will get a good logo & a mixture of two designers mind. You are Good, the designer you Hired is good, and the result will be Good too or maybe Amazing.
  • Last but not least, Take help from your Designer Friend. You can design something for him/ her & that friend can do the same. This can be a best Option if did properly.

Whichever option you choose, atleast don’t leave your work unattended. Start to finish it & not Start to leave it without completing.

So, now you decide either you can design your Own logo or not. Start, finish it & start applying that logo to your work & see what a relief it will be to see your work with your own logo on it. No matter, who have designed it for you, you can always give credits to that person if not designed by you.

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