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01.What Design Services do you Provide?
We design everything from logos to content-managed websites. Please contact us to discuss your project and design requirements.
02.How you Start your Creative Process? Describe the Steps.
Customer Satisfaction is our main aim. At the first meeting, We listen to your demands. We ask a lot of questions regarding your business values & services. We ask for some references from your side. It helps us to understand your needs. We suggest you some ideas for your Brand/ Campaign. We provide you rough sketch of the design to you, then we start the main design. For the first three or four changes, we never charge an extra amount but if the design has to change which is the rarest case then we charge little amount. Finally, we will provide the designs with your required formats.
03.What is the Client's Involvement in the Design Process?
We listen to our clients from the start. We encourage the client to bring in any samples, color combinations, and ideas they may have to help us get an idea of style before starting to work with new clients. During the design process, the client is asked to approve certain colors and fonts before work continues. Once the design project is ready for print we will submit a final proof for the customer's approval before submitting it to production. Once a job is in production, the job cannot be canceled. At the conclusion of a project, the client may request the artwork in various formats if payment was made for design services.
04.How will I Receive my Design project once it is finalised?
A finished project depends upon receipt of final payment. At your request, we will supply the electronic file to you on Dropbox, Google Drive, or through Email. We also keep a copy of your project for later updates but only for a limited period of time.
5.I need Some Design Tomorrow. Can you help me?
We can usually accommodate your rush job depending on how full our production schedule is however, a rush fee may be added. Call us to find out.
6.How does your logo design Process work?
During our initial logo meeting, we first begin by discussing the client's ideas, target market, and uses for the logo. We then ask for samples/ references of existing logos that client likes or dislikes to get an idea of their taste. Sometimes, the client already has a design concept in mind. Other times, they have no idea what they want. Either way, we make sure we have collected enough information before we begin work. Our logo design service is very straightforward. If you'd like to see extra concepts after our initial three ideas or if you need a couple of logo designs for multiple companies our service can be priced according to your needs. 
7.What is the Client's Role in Logo Design?
We ask the following 10 questions before starting your logo design. 1. HOW DO YOU DESCRIBE YOUR COMPANY's SERVICES and PRODUCTS? This is very important because based on how you describe your business or products, designers can decide which direction to go in & which leads to the next question. 2. WHICH LOGOS DO YOU LIKE? Do some research and see what logos resonate with you. Also, what logos do you dislike? What do your competitor's logos look like? Both client and designer need to have clear insight into competitors' styles so a logo may be developed that's different from your competition. 3. WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR NEW LOGO TO ACCOMPLISH? Describe what your brand should say about your Company. What message should it convey? 4. WHO ARE YOUR MAIN COMPETITORS? Take a look at your competitor's logos and brands. The figure puts what shapes and colors are commonly used. It's crucial to consult with your designer to create distinctive logo designs. After all, you want to stand out from your competitors. 5. WHAT's THE MAIN AGE RANGE OF YOUR TARGET CUSTOMER BASE? Every Company has an age demographics they're trying to reach (even if they don't say so publicly). For example, Apple focuses on younger people, while Rolls- Royce targets an older audience. 6. DO YOU HAVE ANY COLOR PREFERENCES OR EXISTING BRAND COLORS? A logo designer needs to understand the client's preferences- especially if there's no existing brand guidance to work off of. This is when a designer can explain color usage for various industries. Your designer may use a previous study of your competition and their brand color palettes. 7. DO YOU HAVE ANY FONTS THE DESIGNER SHOULD CONSIDER? Like colors, fonts covey and inspire emotion. Your designer should know the differences between the four main font types: sans, serif, script, and decorative. Fonts may be selected to match a business's service or product. For example, a logo for a legal firm, which should convey truth, honor, strength, and justice, might be best represented with a bold, straightforward font free of curls and swirls. On the other hand, logos for cosmetic products often use thin, gentle fonts. 8. DO YOU HAVE A SLOGAN, TAGLINE, OR MOTTO? DOES IT NEED TO BE INCORPORATED INTO THE LOGO? If your logo needs to include a tagline, the designer will usually need to combine two fonts. This should be done carefully. Rules must be set for font size, such as when a logo is used by itself and when the logo is used with a slogan. 9. WHICH BRANDS INSPIRE YOU? What brands resonate with you? Are there any brands you dislike? Providing examples can help streamline the process and help your designer create options that work best for your Company. 10. WHAT'S A REASONABLE TIME FRAME TO CREATE THE BEST LOGO? As I said initially, logo design is a science and an art. Answering these 10 questions enables a designer to formulate the science that, in turn, supports the art. Why? Because art can't be forces. Give your designer time to research, think, understand your business needs, sketch, and take necessary actions to create a great logo. Don't ask a designer to develop groundbreaking ideas in a few hours. Design is a creative process, and it takes time & patience. Some designers are faster, and some are more methodical, but everyone deserves reasonable deadlines.
8. Who Owns the Copyright for the Design you Produce?
Copyright for all work carried out by SOCH PRODUCTION transfers to the client as soon as the balance has been settled in full. We do, however, remove the right to use any work for promotional purposes.
9. Do you do Printing?
No, we do not provide printing services directly. We can recommend reputable online and local printers at your request.
10.I have many items to Produce. Can we arrange a monthly retainer fee for you to create Everything for us?
We have many clients who have retained our services on a longer-term basis or ongoing work. By paying a flat monthly retainer fee( with a 3month minimum contract term), we can act as your full-time, in-house design department, handling as many projects as your schedule, and ours can squeeze into the retainer period. For clients who have larger, more involved projects or require multiple pieces created, this can often be a more economical method than getting each item separately quoted and completed.
11.What if I am not satisfied with my final product?
We believe in your complete satisfaction. We will continue to work with you to refine your design until you are completely happy; we offer 'Unlimited' revisions on your design project within the confines set out in the original design brief. However, if we collaborate on a project, and in the end, we do not arrive at a result with which you are perfectly satisfied, you do not pay! You agree to accept payment for any purchased services or products (e.g., stock photography, printing, Web domain, etc.). Any partial deposits or payments will be returned to you, less any financial institution fees. The copyrights to your design project remain with SOCH PRODUCTION, while you maintain the copyright over your company or product names used in the designs. What this means is that we could theoretically use or resell the design (the look of a particular brochure or design, for example) to another Soch Production client. You will also be asked to sign and warrant that you will not use any creative or interim designs created or presented to you as part of our design process together. Many design firms speak of 100% client satisfaction; we are willing to stake our fee and reputation on it. If you are not happy, then we are not happy, We trust our work will speak for itself, and your satisfaction will be assured.

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