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We all know how much Photos plays an important role in today’s world. We always take photos of Food before eating, while travelling, while enjoying a Live concert & most of the times we take photos to make other people Jealous. Right? ooh! Now, you Blushing.. ?

Okay! So, You Own a DSLR? & If you don’t know how to take photos will that be a Justice to the Camera? Obviously, a Big NO!

What if you take a photo of your friend with Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. & that picture is not Sharp & Clear. *OOPS*, now, you can very much imagine what will happen.

So, today I have 5 Quick & easy points that you can Implement & become a Pro.

1. Choose Your Focus Point

Focus Points

With Focus Points selection you can manually check which part to focus & this is something you should not leave onto your camera to select because most of the time camera will select either the area of Highest contrast in the frame or the object which is closest to the camera. So, manually selecting a Focus Point is a better option than the Camera’s auto focus.

Each camera is totally different, therefore check your camera’s user manual for a way to pick out your focus points together with your model. Usually, the focus points can be selected by pressing an AF (auto-focus) point selection button and using a dial on your camera to navigate to the focus point you want.

Canon 5d Mark III

It’s additionally price noting that your camera has two different types of focus points: First is the single focus point and the other is cross- type focus point. Cross-type focus points tend to focus quicker and a lot of dependable so, try to use your camera’s cross focus point, if possible. You can check your camera’s manual to examine which of your focus points are single and which are cross-type.

2. Steady Yourself

Hold & trying to focusing on the Object without moving

You can never take good & sharp photos while moving (Unless, you do Photoshop later). So, It’s always better to brace yourself, the more steady you will be the result will be much better. You can also try bracing your elbows against your body, leaning on a wall, stop breathing for a second (only for a second or two ? ) so that you can shot some crucial shots where light & your camera’s shutter speed is very less (Chances are if you move a bit shot can be hazy & not sharp or clear). So, It is very important to keep yourself steady while shooting and avoiding camera shake.

3. Press the Shutter Gently

Yes, even this thing came into my mind that how can a camera shake by just pressing a Shutter gently. Actually, what really happens is when you try to take a shot, & your object moves, your picture will be hazy then. So, you have to be a little careful while pressing a Shutter Gently & full.

Press Shutter Gently

If in case your object moves, In a hurry you will try to catch up with that object & in that few seconds you will lose all your focus & picture can be blur or hazy. So, you can decide when to press a shutter full.

4. Check Your Shutter Speed

The Higher Shutter Speed is, the chances are you will get a good & sharp photo & can freeze that moment without any moving element. Like, Usually I shoot Live Bands in a Concert or any Club. So, capturing a Drummer is a little difficult than capturing the rest of the Band members. So, I keep my shutter near to 1/80 to 1/250 to avoid any moving drummer’s stick or hand but there is one thing to keep in mind while shooting on the Higher shutter is you have to check your lights around you, the Higher the shutter, more light you need around you to avoid blurry & black photos.

5. Check Your Aperture

Well, Photography is not as easy as it seems. You have to be regular, keep practising in all types of weather & lighting. I’ll write more about Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO in detail in coming days but for now, Picture will be more sharp & detailed when you will set a Combination of Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO, these 3 makes one good photo. Also, Each lens has a “sweet spot” aperture that is sharpest, usually 2-3 stops above wide open.

So, this is for now. Write if you have any Query in the Comment section below. Send us your photos to get it reviewed from our Photography Team.

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