7 Best Laptops for Graphic Designers 2019

   1. Apple MacBook Pro Apple MacBook Pro Apple Macbook Pro is also a powerful machine with its Intel i7 8th-generation and 16GB of RAM. Touch Bar and Touch ID. Line Voltage- 100V to 240V AC. Frequency- 50Hz to 60Hz. Operating altitude- tested up to 10,000 feet. Maximum storage altitude- 15,000 feet. Maximum shipping altitude: 35,000 ...

Can we Design our
Own Logo?

Okay! So, Let’s assume that my reader is a Designer, who is very Talented (Offcourse you are) and working hard in making a logo for herself or himself but every time they try they end up in getting confused or leaving a file unattended & thinks kya karun bhai, logo shuru ...

Learn How to take
Sharp Photos

We all know how much Photos plays an important role in today’s world. We always take photos of Food before eating, while travelling, while enjoying a Live concert & most of the times we take photos to make other people Jealous. Right? ooh! Now, you Blushing..  Okay! So, You Own a ...
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